Christ-Like Behaviors need no law

. . . against such things there is no law . . .

About a month ago (or so), I received a traffic citation in the mail. Apparently—well, obviously, once I watched the video—I had passed a school bus that was stopped. In my defense (ha!), it was on the other side of the road, and in a deceleration lane. But, nonetheless, I was at fault. Trying to recall my schedule that afternoon, I finally figured out that I simply was not paying attention. I was in my own world. Thus I have no recollection of the bus or that particular moment (and believe me, as I have aged, I follow traffic laws more and more and more closely. I am becoming that person that people like to honk at :-).  Needless to say, it was a financially painful experience. Also needless to say, I am even MORE careful now than I was before.
We have laws for a reason. Primarily, society would be chaotic and dangerous without them. Every civilization since the dawn of time has had laws, whether written, oral, or just simply tradition understood by the community. In order for people to survive, thrive, and get along, it is necessary for us to have laws (and the apparatus that goes along with it—enforcement, etc.). It does not take much thinking about this to realize that it makes sense.
There are some things, however, which need no law to prevent. Paul addresses this in Galatians 5. There are good, godly, Christ-like behaviors that need no limits and need no controls. We can safely be loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and under control. None of these is prohibited. More than that, living in this way is encouraged—and it is expected. It is essential that we pay attention to producing this fruit in our world. Lives depend on it.



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