Ladies Wednesday Night Class

Hi Ladies! This is an update for our Wednesday night class. Last week we worked on clearing out the remaining items donated for our Blessing Bags and I’m happy to report we got it all done! I would like to encourage all of you (and anyone else you may want to pass along the message) to please pick up a few or many Blessing Bags to pass out when the need arises. We have on hand 60 – 75 bags available for distribution and located in the large back closet of the BOOM room. Please feel free to grab those at any time.

For Valentine’s Day, we would like to show our shut-in ladies & widows just how much we LOVE them! We will be putting together a small gift bag of treats/flowers for the ladies. We will also send a small Valentine treat and card to our college group. Please help us by donating the following items over the next 2 weeks. Items may be placed in our classroom on the white table in the back.

Individually wrapped Valentine candy (M&M’s, Hershey kisses, conversational hearts, sweet tarts, gummy bears, starbursts, etc.)
Pint-sized mason jars (only need 2 dozen – 24)
Small Valentine colored gift bags (need 2 dozen – short & wide style – approximately 6 inches tall & wider style to allow room for flowers)
Monetary donations to purchase flowers, cards, filling (may be given to Kim D. or Maria)

Our schedule for the next few weeks:

Beth Vanderpool will lead our discussion of Chapter 7
Signing birthday cards for February college group birthdays

Amber Chase will lead our discussion of Chapter 9
Signing cards for college group Valentine treat

Assembling Valentine gift bags/flowers and signing cards for ladies
Planning service project ideas for Spring

Have a wonderful week!

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