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 Sunday Morning

Then Sings My Soul: We learn Scripture in many ways. One of those ways is
through songs and hymns. In this class, the leader will share songs that are
steeped in Scripture and scriptural themes. These themes will be the impetus for class
discussion. Of course, this will involve singing the songs, too (and maybe
learning new ones!). Led by Louis Dinkins (April), Jeff Hope (May), and Greg Kendall(June).

Give Me the Bible: The Bible is the bestselling book in history. It is filled with
people, stories, relationships, statistics, and events. It contains tragedy and
triumph, misfortune and miracle, betrayal and reconciliation, and much more. And it
continues to change people. In this class, we will take a wide-angle view of the Bible,
considering many facets and issues. Led by Ricky Gray.

Chaos: We will be discussing how we can grow deeper with Christ during the chaos
of the world we live in. Class is intended for young adults/parents. Led by Lance Holland.

Ladies’ Class: We will be studying how to have better, clearer, and more consistent
communication with God. We are using Priscilla Shirer’s book, Discerning the
Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks. Donna Atkins, Jane Law, Kim
MacColeman, and Angie Purvine are teaching. Also, owning the book is not a
requirement. But if you would like a copy, it is available at both Amazon and Lifeway.


Wednesday Night

Join us Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. 

Discipleship Class: Darryl Harper will continue this gospel-based class. With help from the book, The School of Christ: Learning Character from Jesus, by Jacob Hudgins, this is a class in which we focus on sitting at the feet of Jesus in order to learn from Jesus how to be his disciple.

Scripture and Daily Life: God’s Word is not intended to simply be known. It is designed to transform our daily walk. In this class, three long-time Christian men will discuss the particular scriptures and/or biblical stories that have had a profound impact in their lives. Phil Robertson leads the class in April, Tom Clark in May, and Jack Vanderpool in June.

Ladies’ Class: The Wednesday night ladies’ class will continue to alternate between devotional meetings and service
projects. [Note: there will be no Wednesday ladies’ class this summer (the break begins in June)]

Prayer Meetings: There is no better way to grow deeper in the Word than to spend regular time with God and Scripture. Therefore, on the final Wednesday of each month in the second quarter (April 24, May 29, and June 26), we will all meet together in the auditorium for a time of reading, prayer, and worship.





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