Sunday Morning
Classroom on left of Auditorium Study of the book of ephesians
auditoriumReturning home to the Kingdom utilizing our spiritual gifts
Ladies Class in Boom Room – Coming Home to the Kingdom
Classroom on the right of auditorium – young married class-
Wednesday Night
Classroom on left of auditorium –  life of christ
auditorium Study of the book of Job:  Co-taught by Paul Ellison and Jay Estes this class will explore the test of Job’s faith, allowed by God in response to a challenge from Satan, revealing God’s loving sovereignty and the supremacy of divine wisdom over human wisdom.
Ladies Class in Boom Room –
Survey of the Life of Christ:  Taught by Tom Clark this study will explore what the Bible teaches about Jesus from the creation of the world through his death, burial, and resurrection and how He has impacted humanity for all eternity.



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