We can safely and confidently place our trust in God.

 My mighty rock, my refuge is God.

We have a 34-pound pup (well, she’s almost seven, but we still refer to her as a pup) that, like all dogs, has her own personality. Even though she is the size she is (medium), she frequently acts as if she is a tiny little toy dog. She is often afraid of the strangest things (leaves, plastic bags, etc. I could go on). Early this morning (Wednesday as I write this) she and I were out for her normal walk. At the same time, a tiny, tiny little dog, who often escapes his owners, was again on the loose (and by tiny, I mean three to four pounds, max). My “little” pup was mortified. It was all she could do to not crawl up my pants leg to get away from the little munchkin. At every step, she was hiding behind me, looking for a place of safety. At the same time, she kept looking up at me as if asking me, “Aren’t you going to do something here to save me?!”
David wrote the words above in Psalm 62. As one of his many lament psalms, this one follows a familiar pattern. Something is afoot. There is a threat—whether internal or external—that is menacing David. There is nowhere earthly to turn. There is recognition by David that he himself is powerless on his own to overcome. There is also belief that the God of heaven not only has the power to overcome, but also the desire. Thus there is also trust. There is a declaration of fidelity to this God in whom we may take refuge. It is this God who is our mighty rock. It is this God in whom we can safely and confidently place our trust.



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