When you come to worship with us, you will see a lot of people just like you. We do not have a “dress code,” so you will see everything from casual wear to traditional Sunday attire. Feel free to dress up or dress down. It is important that you are comfortable. We have not come together for the purpose of making an appearance.

During worship we will sing as a congregation, reading the lyrics and music from a big screen in the front of the auditorium. We will be led in prayer several times as well. About midway through the service we will sharpen our focus on the sacrifice that Christ made for humanity. At that time all Christians in attendance will have the opportunity to share in communion—what is also called the Lord’s Supper. We each will eat a small piece of unleavened bread and drink a cup of grape juice in obedience to Christ’s command to regularly commemorate His sacrifice. Following this time of communion, we will pass baskets to allow everyone an opportunity to give back a portion of God’s blessing.

At this time, the praise leader will dismiss our 2-4 year old children to what we call Wee Worship. It is a time of training with songs and bible stories for the little ones who have a difficult time sitting still in worship.

Ultimately, the minister will stand and speak from God’s word for 20-25 minutes. Once the message is presented, we generally have a few announcements about upcoming events and about folks who are sick and in need of prayer. After a closing prayer we dismiss for bible classes. Expect that people will want to meet you and get to know you at this time.

You will have the opportunity to attend a bible class (and if you have children, they also have classes for their age group). We try to have people available to assist you in finding the appropriate classes. Please know that there may be times when others have our attention at the moment, or when we simply have not yet seen you. In those cases we beg your pardon. Rest assured we are interested in helping you find your way.

After class is over you are dismissed but we would love for you to hang around so everyone can meet you.

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