We are many

So we, though many, are one body Christ, and individually members one of another.

We are many, which implies a few things. First of all, it means that as the body of Christ, we are comprised of a whole lot of folks. In other words, it is not just you and it is not just me—it is all of us. We are a vast group of believers. Second, it means that we are diverse. Each of us has his own experience in life. Each of us has seen and done things in her life that are unique. In other words, we are very different from one another.

Yet Paul’s words are decisive—regardless where we have come from or what we were before, in Christ we are one. Because of our shared faith in a risen Savior,we are united. What brings us together is far, far greater than anything that may seek to separate us. As a result, we not only praise the great God who has sacrificed everything to make us his, but we also obligate ourselves to care and concern for oneanother. In committing ourselves to one another in this way, we are pledging to be involved in one another’s lives. In Christ we take seriously our responsibility to and for one another. Thus we spend time together, we share our joys and sufferings together, and we celebrate together all that God has done for us.

Today we again have opportunity to share together in the fellowship of God’s family. As one body in Christ, may we encourage and edify one another as we sit shoulder to shoulder in the presence of God.


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