Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Of these things we cannot now speak in detail.
The writer of the Book of Hebrews refuses
to get bogged down in details that do not advance
the greater story of Jesus Christ. From the very
beginning of the book where he establishes for the
reader the absolute superlative position of Christ to
anything and anyone else, he keeps us focused on
what is most important. Although the trappings
and elements of the Jewish religion played an
important role in telling the story of the saving work
of Christ, he made sure that attention remained
centered on Him who is above all. “Consider
Jesus,” he wrote in chapter three. Admonishing us
to unburden ourselves of hindrances and of sin, he
wrote in chapter 12 that we are to go about
“looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our
The writer rightfully takes us to task for our
human tendency to lose track of what matters
most. It certainly is our nature to get mired in all
the details, many of which are good things. Yet in
comparison to what truly matters in this world and
in the next, the majority of what we tend to concern
ourselves with is trivial. There surely are details,
events, and stories that help us shape our faith.
Some things assist us into putting life into proper
context. Nothing, however, is to take the place of
Christ in our lives and in our hearts.
There seems to be no end to the energy humanity puts into concern over what goes on in
the world. Yet as Christians we are called to
maintain a godly perspective, focusing our
energies on that which is of the greatest
importance. The world beckons, tempts, and
distracts us—we in turn keep our thoughts and our
eyes fixed on Jesus. There is much in this world
that we could allow ourselves to get deeply
involved in, but we choose to use our time to
imitate Christ. Those other things? Well, we
cannot discuss those things in detail now.

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