Too Much of a Good Thing

Have you ever had too much of a “good” thing? When I was young, I really liked macaroni and cheese. (Kraft was my favorite brand. I have since matured and moved on to Velveeta.) When I was at home my favorite meal, snack, and pre-snack (yes, that is a thing) was a big bowl of mac and cheese. I once decided to try and “drink” my bowl of mac and cheese. And you know what? I did it! It didn’t turn out very well for me though. And without going into the details, I’ll just say it all ended back up in the bowl.

Slowly, without realizing it, I believe we let things come into our lives and totally consume us before we even realize what’s going on. My stomach took over my brain and because of that I had a very rude awakening. Whether it’s our stomach, eyes, or hands, often times we let things go beyond their intended purpose. We take too much pleasure in something (food, sex, and entertainment seem to be the big three) and eventually it sets up a throne in our hearts. Causing us to make rash decisions in order to enjoy that pleasure once more, or lash out at others if they call us out on it, or ignore some random bulletin article because, “I don’t have a problem.” The Elders in Ezekiel 14 didn’t think they had a problem either. As a people of God we need to be vigilant as to who or what has seated itself a king of our hearts. It is Christ’s throne; make sure you don’t have an unworthy substitute.


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