Through Us

When is the last time you did something that
you considered ‘bold?’ Maybe it involved a direct
conversation with someone. Perhaps it was a
particular fashion choice that was in stark contrast
to your normal style. Possibly you decided to do
something that you previously said you would
never do. Or perchance you had the opportunity
to complete a ‘bucket list’ item that heretofore you
considered improbable.
I am attempting to recall the last time that I did
something that I would consider ‘bold.’ Most likely
for me is the few times over the last several
months where I have been far more forceful than
is my nature. This has happened both in phone
conversations and in face-to-face situations.
Those who know me well know that I am—
typically—laid back and easy-going. Yet there are
circumstances and scenarios where those traits
recede and I project the lion rather than the lamb.
When things that are important to me are put at
risk, it is much easier for me to step up and speak
out boldly. When my beliefs are challenged or my
loved ones are vulnerable, the calculus changes.
It is far easier in those moments to be audacious.
The apostle Paul had no qualms with
boldness. Ultimately, that boldness led to his
execution. Along the way to that fateful day,
however, he never backed down from occasions
to speak what is true and holy. Paul was so
concerned for the churches, and for the world,
that he consistently placed himself in harm’s way,
both reputationally and physically. To him, Christ
was all in all. Christ was for him, and remains
today, the only path to God. Because of his
complete conviction of this truth, Paul was
unafraid to purposefully walk into danger. To him,
his life was nothing compared to the opportunity to
share the beauty of Jesus with lost people. He
was an ambassador of reconciliation. Paul was
What about us? –Ricky

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