Though many

So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.

We understand that “church” refers to people and not to any structure (even though we often use language that indicates otherwise).  We realize that “church” is the union of people in a powerful and mysterious way (Paul was fond of speaking of the “mystery” of Christ).  We know that it is not our doing that has brought us together in this way, but rather it is the work of God through the sacrifice of Christ by the power of the Spirit.  We regularly see the beauty and blessing of “church,” expressed in ways that serve to remind us of the joy that we have in being a part of God’s family.

When people find joy in being with one another because of a shared salvation in Christ, that is church.  When in the name of Christ people seek ways in which to actively comfort those who are in pain, that is church.  When folks sit together and discuss their lives as they are being shaped and challenged by the word of God, that is church.  When people of Christ take time out of their schedule to make sure someone else is fed or clothed or housed, that is church.  When people of Christ intentionally purpose resources for the sake of lifting up the suffering and marginalized, that is church.  When God’s people show their love through compassionate admonishment, but without judgment, that is church.  When we open our hearts and our arms to people who are hurting and lost, regardless of their story, that is church.

Church is not about where we are.  On the contrary, church is who we are and what we are.  May we always be the church in every place we go.



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