The Love of Christ

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

We often have the opportunity to give. This is a good, good thing. For example, just this past Sunday we had the privilege to “give of our means” in order to bless some of our family here who are in the midst of terribly difficult physical trials. We had the chance through that giving to assist our brothers and sisters in carrying a very heavy burden. This is a privilege precisely because through giving we demonstrate more clearly the heart of God. Anything that we do, say, or think that is in line with who God is and what he intends for us is a privileged moment. We should think on these things.
In John 15 Jesus was surely looking ahead to his impending crucifixion (it was, after all, the last few days of his earthly life). In instructing—and commanding—his disciples on how they should relate to one another, Jesus continued to show the heart of God. He continued to demonstrate in every way what real, authentic, genuine love is. In just a few short days after uttering these words, Jesus willingly, obediently, and lovingly went to the cross. He gave everything he had. He did this out of a commitment to finish the work that the Father had determined for him to do. He did this so that death for us would not be final. Jesus did this because he loves us perfectly and completely, and he wants more than anything for us to be in him and near him.
Today we again celebrate the great news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is humbling and inconceivable that we are as privileged as we are because of the love of Christ. Let us enjoy this incredible day!

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