The Great Heart of God

On the plane home from San Pedro Sula last week, I sat across the aisle
from Hector Camacho. For some, that name will ring a bell. But to forestall any
excitement from boxing fans, it was not THAT Hector Camacho. “My” Hector
Camacho is a gentleman in his late 40s. He is a retired naval avionics technician
with a talent for conversation and questions.
Hector was interested in knowing about the trip to Trujillo. He asked
several questions about our group and our purposes. I explained to him that a
group goes to Trujillo every summer in order to do work at TCS and in the local
community. I told him that our congregation operates a Christian school in Trujillo,
and that we have done so since January, 2006. I described the nature of the
work that we do when we are there—cement mixing and pouring, painting, fence
repair, window repair, bookshelf building, house building, cleaning, and the like.
We also talked about the history of our work there. After describing—as best I
could—all that we have done over the years, Hector asked me one question:
“Why?” It was a great question, and it took me a second to respond. When I
answered, I simply said, “Because it is what God would do.”
In his infinite foreknowledge, God created us in Christ Jesus to be people
who are actively good and kind (Eph. 2:10). It is therefore part of who we are as
Christian people to do good works. When we do so, we imitate Christ.
Furthermore, when we do so, we serve Christ. It is important, necessary, and
essential that we be about the business of caring for other people in tangible
ways. It is also important, necessary, and essential that we know WHY we are
doing it.
We serve people because God serves people out of a heart of
compassion and love. When we do so, we reflect the great heart of God.

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