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New Worship Times


Hello, church family. It may be the understatement of the century to say that it has been a challenge for all of us to navigate this novel Corona virus. We each have faced unusual circumstances throughout this pandemic, including the many restrictions, changes, and conflicting information. Please know that our leaders continue to be in regular prayer for our congregation, and for a rapid and successful conclusion to this crisis.

Believe it or not, it was May 24 when we returned to holding in-person services. That was over four months ago! Much time has passed, but our commitment to remaining a close-knit church family—and our commitment to always being the people of God—remains the same. As stated already, we are returning to a single Sunday morning worship service starting this Sunday, October 4, at 9:30AM. Also starting October 4, we will have one adult bible class in the sanctuary, and one teen class for grades six through twelve in the trailer. Beginning Wednesday, October 7, we will have one adult bible class (in the sanctuary) and one teen class (also 6-12 grades, in the trailer). As we prepare for this next step, please note the following important guidelines:

  1. Some of our attendees are far more vulnerable than others, so in the interest of considering one another’s needs, it is imperative that we enter and exit as efficiently as possible. This means that when we transition from worship to class, for instance, we need to move as safely and as efficiently as we can from one location to the other (see item #4).
  1. Also considering the needs of others, it is strongly recommended that each person wear a mask,* at least in the following situations:
    1. When entering, exiting, or otherwise transiting throughout the building
    2. When remaining indoors within range of verbal contact with others (note that this does not mean we are asking folks to wear masks during worship service or during class)
  1. For worship and class meetings, as far as it is possible, please sit with your family group.
  1. A team of ushers will be on site to help with entry/exit and seating. Please pay close attention to their directions. The ushers have been asked to do the following:
    1. To seat family units from front to back based upon arrival time, while keeping people appropriately socially distanced
    2. To open the auditorium doors for people going to the restroom or lobby during service
    3. To dismiss by rows from back to front. Those who plan to remain for the adult Sunday school class are asked to stay seated during dismissal, and to maintain the same seat for the class.
    4. To encourage people to not loiter in the lobby
  1. Individual communion ‘kits’ remain available on a table in the rear of the sanctuary. Please pick up enough for your family group when you enter.
  1. A drop box remains available for contribution on the table in the lobby.
  1. There is a sanitation station just outside the “Boom” room.
  1. We continue to encourage our at-risk groups to stay home and participate with us via Facebook.
  1. If you are at all ill or feverish, please also stay home and join us via the Facebook live stream.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this.

In Christ,

Your shepherds, deacons, and ministers

The idea of restarting classes for our younger children will be revisited in November. This does mean that, at least for a time, parents of younger children who want to attend the adult class will need to keep those children with them. Prayerfully, this will soon no longer be the case.

*We understand that this is not ideal for many (or maybe even most) of us. Yet we urge each person to set aside whatever personal considerations we may have for the sake of protecting others. We pray that all will choose to look out for the most vulnerable among us.

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