Pretty much every summer of my high
school and college years, I worked construction
jobs. Over the years, we built all kinds of things:
a bank, a massive house, a family life center for
a church, and more. Also, there were times
when a small group of us—sometimes only two
of us—were tasked with smaller jobs. One
weekend, in fact, Gary and I were tasked with a
job at an Atlanta-area steel forming company.
This steel company has a huge factory with
various large, specialty machines. If I recall
correctly, the machines weighed around 30 tons
each. So, it was necessary that they have a
particularly strong foundation. Our job was to
prepare a foundation for a new machine. I may
be embellishing here, but if memory serves, we
worked 48 hours that weekend. It was a lot of
work, but making sure the foundation was solid
was absolutely essential not only for safety, but
also for the proper operation of the equipment.
Foundations are more than important—they
are critical. Whether the human body (good
shoes, healthy feet and legs, etc.), vehicles
(tires and wheel alignment), or our homes, we
all get it: foundations are critical.
There is nothing more significant than our
spiritual foundation. In order for us to be people
who function in the way God wants us to
function, in order for us to live and work and
relate to others in godly ways, in order for us to
be models of Jesus Christ in our world, we must
have a solid foundation.
The world is shakable. It is unreliable and
antithetical to God’s will. The only immovable
and indestructible foundation upon which to
stand in life is the Word of God. Let us all found
our lives in God’s will and God’s Word.

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