Same God

We often speak of God using some big
words to describe his infinite nature. We refer
to him as omniscient because he is all
knowing. We rightly call him omnipresent
because he is everywhere at all times. He
also is omnipotent, meaning that his power is
inestimable because that power is perfect and
endless. God is therefore all knowing, ever
present, and all powerful.
He also alone has the trait of immutability.
Simply put, this means that God is
unchanging. God is eternally the same. This
means that whatever it is that comes our way
in life, God does not change. When the
market tanks, God is the same. When
business is booming and everything looks
great, God is the same. When the family is
falling apart, the kids are out of control, the
marriage is failing, and no one seems to care
or notice, God is the same. Whatever
variations and vagaries we face in life,
whether minor or major, God is the same
God the Creator is the same as God the
Liberator, God the Disciplinarian, God the
Friend, God the Provider and Sustainer, God
the One Who Knows Us, God the Protector,
God the Warrior, and on and on and on. God
does not change. He is the same forever.
The fact that this perfect, immutable God
has invited us through Jesus Christ into
eternal life is incomprehensible. We are
blessed far beyond any capacity to
comprehend to be children of the God who
never changes.

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