Put on then…

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, meekness, humility, and patience.

            As a child I was taught to dress appropriately whenever I was to be in a public place. For instance, if I had to go the mall or some other shopping area, I had learned to not simply wear whatever I happened to have on when the mood or need struck. Rather, I would clean up and dress in something that, when others saw me, would speak well of me. To this day I find it very difficult to go anywhere unless I make myself presentable first (although there have been a few occasions . . .). This is not intended as a judgment on anyone else—not at all. It simply does not seem right to me.

When Paul instructs the church at Colossae to “put on,” he is using clothing language. In other words, he is exhorting the Christians in that place to dress—spiritually speaking—in such a way that when others encounter them, they see an image of Christ. This is not—in this case—intended as instruction for physical dress; Paul is specifically targeting hearts with this teaching. He desires, because of Christ, that those he teaches be a people who “wear clothes” that are in keeping with the salvation that has been received through Jesus Christ. They—and we—are to “dress” ourselves in the attitude and desires of the One whom we claim as our Savior. We are to wear the clothing of Christ.

It is good for us to be together today. Let us all encourage one another by our joint participation in worship this morning. Have a great day.



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