Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good; sing to his name, for it is pleasant!

Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good; sing to his name, for it is pleasant!

Each of us likely has questions that we look forward to asking God when we reach eternity. I have often hoped, in fact, that God might have some sort of divine DVR so that we may be able to see in full color some of these ancient stories that we read of in scripture. Something else I know many of us think we may ask is this: why did you choose to make some of the things you made (now, maybe when we get there we really won’t care anymore—but on this side of eternity, I know it can occupy some of our minds)? For instance, what is the deal with mosquitoes? Or cockroaches? Some bugs I think we all “get,” but others, not so much. The same applies to some animals and plants and systems that God created. We simply don’t get it.
I got to thinking about all this because of the massive pollen counts of the last few days (and yes, I know that pollen is the result of a system of propagation that God created). It came to mind because I was remembering some specific conversations from just a month or two ago. Those conversations all revolved around the ridiculous amount of rain that we were getting at the time. In each exchange I recall everyone (including me) wondering how long it would continue to rain and rain and rain. It was dreary and dark and cloudy and wet every day. We were all so tired of it!

Then came the pollen.

While I was shaking my fist at the rain just a month or two ago, this morning I was singing praises to the LORD for it (Yes! Yes! Yes!). Today’s rain reminded me—and I doubt I am alone—that God always knows what we need. It reminded as well that God’s ways are very different from ours, so we may not yet—or ever—understand why things happen in the way that they do, or why they occur on the schedule that they do. Most importantly, it was a reminder that the LORD is good, and that each of us should praise him, and that each of us should sing to his pleasant name!


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