The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.

It is interesting to note that quite a bit of time passed before Eve came to be called Eve—a name that sounds like the Hebrew word for “life-giver.”  Interesting also is the origin of Adam’s name. In Hebrew, besides meaning ‘man’ or ‘mankind,’ ‘adam’ also means ‘earth’ or ‘ground’ (and some even translate it as ‘mud’). Thus were the first two humans were named—one after the substance out of which he was made, and the other after the status she would soon achieve when she gave birth to Cain and become the first mother in human history.

With the birth of Cain the process of reproduction and multiplication began. Since that moment, billions of people have come into the world in the same way. In fact, everyone who has ever lived—with the exception of Adam and Eve—has come into the world through the exact same process. It is an amazing thing. And it also means that every one of us shares something in common: we all have a father, and we all have a mother.

Today we honor the women who went through great pain to bring us into this world. We celebrate their commitment to us, and we lift them up for their courage and their guidance. Some of us today are fortunate enough to still be able to share our lives with our mothers. Others, for a variety of reasons, are left only with memories. Whatever the situation may be, let us all join together today to express our admiration for the very special women who have played such a significant role in our lives. Moms, we love you.


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