live in a way that tells others who God is

…that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

The story of scripture is a story about God. It is a story that tells of the works and wonders of a great and high God who consistently and perfectly goes ahead of his people. He goes ahead of his people for the express purpose of showing them the way in which they should live. The places that God intends his people to walk, God walks first. He is pioneer and author. He is originator and instigator. He is cause and source. Never does God make demands that he himself has not already fulfilled in his own actions and work.
Thus it is that everything good that comes from us originates from God. Whatever gifts we have are because of God. Whatever blessings we have, they come from God. Our talents, our abilities, and any moral character we may have—all are derived from God. More importantly, our righteousness, holiness, redemption, and hope all come from God. He is the ultimate source. O thou fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy praise …
Peter instructs Christians everywhere to act on the truth of our calling. This begins by remembering who we are—chosen, royal, and holy. It continues when we stand on the foundation of Christ and who he has made us to be, and we declare with our voices and actions the perfect moral righteousness of our God. He is royal and he is holy. He has rescued us, and he has placed us on high places. What he has done could not be done without him. Therefore, we celebrate our salvation, we give thanks continually for his goodness, and we live in a way that tells others who God is.


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