Lights, Camera, Action!

Sometimes we simply have to hand it to
someone for being committed to activity, even
if our ‘admiration’ is given grudgingly. There
are many people in our world, for better or for
worse, who take life by the horns and do what
they think needs to be done to live and
survive. Case in point: I read a story this
morning about a man who was arrested ten
times in a single month. Over that month-long
span, he was charged with 33 separate
counts—18 misdemeanors and 15 felonies.
Six of the felonies were for stealing vehicles.
Most interesting, however, was not the
number of arrests or the number of crimes,
but rather the details about the tenth arrest.
This man needed to return to the police
station in order to pick up his personal
belongings left behind from his previous
arrest (his ninth that month). To do so, he
needed transportation. Thus, he stole a car
and used it to drive to the station. As a result,
he was arrested a tenth time. I do not
condone any of this, of course. But what
chutzpah! He seems like a person who
refuses to let life pass him by. He is clearly a
man of action, misguided though it may be.
Those of us who are in Christ Jesus, who
know Christ, are called to be people of action.
We are not to sit idly while life passes us by.
We are not to be only spectators of what the
rest of the family of God is doing. We are to
act. We are called to be people of holy and
godly deeds. We are to be ready at any
moment to wade into life with the love and
care of Christ—to help others in their need,
and to reflect Christ to those who do not yet
know him. –Ricky

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