“I’ve Got a Name”

Somewhere around the time of our birth, each of us was named. Although in almost every case our surname (last name) was already set, our parents chose for us a moniker—or two or three—by which we would be known for our entire lives. Sure, some of us have over the years developed nicknames by which we are commonly known, and for a variety of reasons. Yet that does not take away from the fact that we were given a name. The proof is on a birth certificate somewhere, likely tucked away in a safe place. Wearing a name is important and significant. There is a lot that goes into wearing a name.

            Those of us who are Christians are folks who have answered the call from Jesus to “follow me.” In a spiritual sense, before Christ became a part of our lives, we were homeless, we were rudderless, and we were nameless. People knew who we were, of course. They could easily call us by our earthly given names. But before Jesus, we had no true name.

            Now we do. We have been given the name of the One who has saved us, Jesus Christ. We are Christians. And there is a lot that goes into wearing a name.


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