Innumerable Blessings and Gifts

If there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

There is much that occupies our thoughts. The world in which we live is a one where information comes to us instantaneously, regardless how distant the origin of the story. In a moment we have details on events happening in even remote places. We are now accustomed to being “in the living room” of people all over the world. Whether we accept it or not, this is a reality—our world is becoming much smaller. This is both good and bad.

This is good because it heightens our awareness and our sensitivity to people who are very different from us. It helps us to see “behind the curtain” into the lives of fellow human beings with whom we otherwise (without the technological advances we have today) would likely never have been able to connect. For instance, today we can  be fully cognizant of the plight of Kurds in Iraq (and elsewhere), Coptic Christians in Egypt, myriad refugees throughout Europe, and a host of other marginalized and oft-persecuted groups. We can see almost firsthand the struggle and the pain of people who—for the most part—are simply trying to survive.

Yet this is bad because it can dominate our thoughts. It can consume us to the point that we become people who think only in terms of what is terrible and wrong and evil. While there is a great deal wrong in our society, we also must recognize that, as children of God, we are blessed and favored and holy. God has set us apart for his own good purposes, and that is excellent. In fact, it is worthy
of praise.

Let us spend time this week thinking on things that are good, righteous, holy, positive, and worthy of praise. Let us recall this week the innumerable blessings and gifts that we each have been granted by our great God.


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