In His Prescence

Homonyms can be fun. They do often
make it very difficult for folks who are trying
to learn English, of course. But they can still
be fun. Case in point is “presents” (the noun,
not the verb) and “presence.” Often a
speaker or presenter (you saw what I did
there . . .) will say something like this to the
crowd, “Thank you for your presence.”
Admittedly, whenever I am in the crowd and
the presenter says that, I cannot resist
whispering to the person next to me—almost
always my sweet wife—“I didn’t know we
were supposed to bring presents!” Yes, it is
nerdy and “dad-jokey,” but it is fun.
If you have ever been through a
personal tragedy, especially a tragedy that
involved the loss of someone dear to you,
you understand the importance of presence.
When we are suffering, when we feel
overwhelmed, grieved, or alone, what we
need most is simply the presence of others.
In circumstances where someone is going
through such a trial, the most important thing
we can do, by far, is to be present. What
people remember is that others were there
for them. They were present. They were
close. They were available.
In the presence of our great God and
Savior, Jesus Christ, there is comfort. In the
presence of the Lord of all, Jesus Christ,
there is peace. In the presence of the King
of Kings, there is healing, and there is relief.

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