I Will Call Upon the Lord

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near.

One of the most powerful and heartfelt songs that we sing, in my opinion, is the song,“I Will Call Upon the Lord.” It is a song of pure praise and devotion to God. Think for a minute about the words:

       I will call upon the Lord

       Who is worthy to be praised.

       So shall I be safe from my enemies.

       The Lord liveth, and blessed be the Rock

       And let the God of my salvation be exalted

       The Lord liveth, and blessed be the Rock

       And let the God my salvation be exalted

The words to the song come straight out of scripture—Psalm 18 verses 3 and 46. They are simple and they are profound. They are words that speak to our recognition of God as the one and only God who saves, who rescues, and who is deserving of our adoration. Because God is who he is, we are moved not only to praise him, but we also are moved to make a commitment to him. We declare that God will be our guide and our help, whatever it is that may come our way in life. We proclaim trust in this God who is near to us. We pronounce our fidelity to him, come what may. We tell the world that the Lord, he is God, and we are his people (Psalm 100:3). Today we call upon the Lord, for he alone is worthy to be praised.


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