How Great is our God

He is Father. He is present, gracious,
giving. He is jealous, holy, merciful. He is our
guardian, our redeemer, our salvation. He is
God of gods and Lord of lords. He is near, he
is comfort, he is a shield. He walks beside us,
he goes before us, he places around us his
hedge. He is healer, and he is warrior. He is
promise-keeper, he is defender of the
innocent, he is the one who honors the
He is Spirit. He is among us. He is with us.
He is our dwelling place. He provides, he
disciplines, he protects. He is alive, and he is
active. He is refuge for the endangered,
strength for the weak, deliverance for the
oppressed, hope for the lost. He is good.
He is mighty, he is powerful, he is
unsearchable. He is awesome, he is
righteous, he is just. He is from everlasting to
everlasting. He is king. He is filled with glory
and honor. He is unchanging. He rules, and
he reigns.
He is creator, he is sustainer, he is savior.
He is wisdom, and he is peace. He is
unwavering, and he is steadfast. He is light.
He cleanses, he lifts up, he grants rest.
He is knowable, and he knows. He is
trustworthy, and he is praiseworthy. He is
able, he is willing, he is near. He is attentive,
he is compassionate, he is kind. He is relief,
he is freedom, he is sanctuary. He is for us,
he is faithful, he is life. He is love.
He is Son. He came down. He became
flesh. He dwelled among his people. He gave.
He served. He healed. He cared. He taught.
He died. He rose. He lives. He is coming
How great is our God. –Ricky

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