Help Us

Each of us has his own capabilities and
skills. There are people right here right now in
this congregation who can do things that others
of us consider amazing. There is a base of
knowledge among our church family that,
collectively speaking, would boggle the mind if
we were able to consider it in all of its depth and
vastness. We have engineers of all sorts. We
have medical professionals that work in all
types of areas across the healthcare spectrum.
We have teachers—elementary school, middle
school, and high school. We have people who
coach sports. We have information technology
professionals. We have folks who sell, and folks
who manage others that sell. We have
experienced military people. We have folks who
create and repair and build, along with folks
who oversee those who do the same. We have
public safety experts, as well as those who work
closely with them. We have transportation
specialists. We have people who work in the
legal world, and people who work alongside
them. We have bus drivers, bankers, business
owners, factory workers, homemakers, retail
employees, office support staff, landscapers,
and on and on and on. It truly is astonishing
when we stop to consider the vast experience
and know-how that we have just in this little
corner of the kingdom.
It is a great blessing that we have so much

talent and experience at West Metro. It is a
blessing primarily because each of these folks
is more than willing to help when it is needed by
another one of us who happens to not have
their particular expertise. There have been
countless situations over the years where
members have needed help, and they were
able to find it right here in our own church body.

This is not unique to West Metro, of
course. But that does not take away from
the fact that it is encouraging and inspiring.
We tend to take care of each other, and
that is a very good thing. In fact, it is the
right thing to do—it is a reflection of Jesus
Christ when we use what we have been
given in order to do good to others,
especially to those who are of the
household of faith (Gal. 6:10).
Know this, then: help is always just
around the corner. Thus, if there is a need
that you have, or a need that you know
about, look around and ask. It is a virtual
certainty that someone in this congregation
will be able to assist. And whoever it is that
has the skills or means to help will most
assuredly be more than willing to do so.
Again, that has played out over and over
and over again in this church family.
Reality, however, is that we are not
equipped to help in every circumstance.
We cannot give perfect peace or perfect
comfort, for instance. And we definitely
cannot take away sin. As brothers and
sisters in Christ, we are only agents of
spiritual help, not the source. There are
some things that only God can do. In life
there are moments when no earthly person
can help. There are times for all of us
when we need to go to God. When we do,
God is always willing—and always able—
to help.
“Help us, O God of our salvation.”

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