He Has Risen

He has risen; he is not here.

We are a people of the Resurrection.

It is good for us to focus on the life of Christ, for it is in that life that we have the example of who and what we are to be as Christians in this world. It is good also that we focus on the suffering of Christ, for it is that suffering that we are called to imitate in order that we become more and more like Christ. It is good as well that we focus on the death of Christ, for it is only through imitating
his death that we find the life that God has always intended for us.

Yet we are a people of the Resurrection. We are followers of Christ who recognize that death has been defeated, that in Christ the grave is no longer the end, and that we have experienced rescue—
salvation—from an eternity without God. We do not neglect—nor do we marginalize—the suffering and the death of Jesus. But it is ultimately in the Resurrection that we find our hope. Life for us does not end when it “ends.” In fact, this side of the grave is only a moment compared to what awaits us because of what God has done. It is inexpressible how blessed we are!

Enjoy this great day. God has made it for his glory, and he has invited us into it in order to bring him honor and praise. Jesus is has been raised—because of that truth, everything is different. We are changed, and we are saved. Praise be to God!


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