It seems only a minute ago we were celebrating our 2015 graduates. Now we look up and notice that time has come around again. It is unfathomable how quickly the time has passed. This is especially true for the parents of graduates. Speaking from experience, I know that the last several weeks have been a cascade of “this is the last time” moments. Whatever your children may have been involved in throughout their school careers, we as parents have marked with great emotion each and every step of these last days. It is a time of high excitement and it is a time of reflection and wistfulness. We are at once thrilled and nostalgic. It is certainly an odd—and healthy—combination of feelings.

We gather every Sunday to worship the only true God there is, namely to remember and rejoice in the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ. We must always remember this as central to our weekly fellowship on the first day of the week. At the same time, we also celebrate today the accomplishments of these young men and women who are preparing for the next chapter of their lives. We are so thankful for the lives that they are leading, and for the opportunity that we have had to be a part of their development and maturity.

It is with full and heavy hearts that we rejoice with you this day, graduates. Always remember that your home is here—this is a place where you will forever be loved. Parents of graduates, we walk hand in hand with you in your grief and joy at this time in your lives. Know that you do not go through this alone.

For all of us, let us enjoy today the commemoration of what our great God has done, and let us express love and fellowship to one another as we experience together his presence.                                                                               —


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