God’s Chosen Ones

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.

The above is a text that we will be sharing together tonight as part of our group bible studies (speaking of which, Sunday nights are a great opportunity to sit together in smaller groups for the purpose of reading scripture and sharing our lives). God has prepared us live in a way that is distinctiveness. He has fashioned us—his people—to walk in a manner that is often in opposition to what we experience in the world. He is equipping us by his Spirit to overcome our natural tendencies—what Paul calls the “old self”—in order that we live life in imitation of Jesus Christ.

The qualities that Paul writes about above come more easily to some of us than to others. Regardless, they are not natural for any of us. On the contrary, we must be “trained” to develop and exhibit such behaviors. It is a supernatural work on God’s behalf that begins the process of our transformation into the likeness of the Son. Though it is the work of God that does this, we bear responsibility for allowing God to do that work. In other words, God has spiritual and moral expectations of his people. Because we are in Christ, we no longer “wear” the things we used to wear (see the verses right before this one in Colossians 3:5- 9). In their place, we are to put on these Christlike qualities. In so doing the world will see Christ in us, and our lives will be a fragrant offering to God.

Enjoy this day of worship. It is good to be here.


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