God will always honor those who call upon him.

Indeed, none who wait for you shall be put to shame.

The late Tom Petty likely said it as well as anyone else could have said it, “Waiting is the hardest part.” On many levels, our life is spent waiting. On one level, there is the waiting that we are all forced into because of the systems and situations that are inherent in our being citizens of this particular locale. On another level, there is the waiting that we experience in anticipation of whatever it is that we expect (hope) will come next in our lives (better job; better circumstances; better life, etc.). On an even higher level, we often find ourselves waiting—and frequently impatiently—for God to respond to us. We ask and we pray (and we beg!) for God to intervene. In those questions and prayers and moments of begging is the unspoken assumption that God will give us an immediate answer (and an affirmative one) based upon our own timetable. But history and experience conspire to teach us that God works on his own timetable. More than that, our history and experience with God teaches us that God is always faithful, and that God always has our very best interest in mind, even when it appears that he is silent, unresponsive, or even unavailable.

The quote at the top from Psalm 25 is of great significance in our lives and our world today. The psalmist declares with confidence that—even
though it may mean that there will be periods of waiting—our great God will always honor those who call upon him. God will forever pour out his steadfast love upon those who wait for him. God ceaselessly takes care of his people, even when circumstances of life make it seem otherwise. It is good to be a child of the King!



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