God is our refuge and strength, an everpresent help in trouble.

God is our refuge and strength, an everpresent help in trouble.

Many of us have been following the news this political season. As is normal, there are as many opinions about the situation as there are people. Although this particular national election has frequently been described as unusual, reality is that every four years is something new and unusual. As soon as it is said that there is nothing new that can occur, it seems that new things begin to occur! At the very least, we should not face any dull moments this season.

With so much going on politically—and otherwise—in our world right now, it is very easy for us to lose focus. More than that, it is all too common for us to forget where our security truly is. Personally, I have been guilty on occasion of losing sight of my foundation—and I am convinced that I am not alone. It is a great temptation to begin to rely on humanity for the salvation of humanity. We must be very careful about this.

As the psalmist wrote, it is God who is our sanctuary and our refuge. It is in God that we have peace and security. There is certainly much that humankind can do both for good and for ill. Ultimately, however, it is God upon whom our trust is to rest. Human beings will falter and fail—they will let us down. God will never let us down. He is always present for the sake of his people. Let us strive to remember this always, but especially in the midst of uncertain times.


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