God is Good

Psalm 145 is a psalm of praise that recognizes many of the great things that God does for his people. David, who is considered the author of the psalm, alternately praises God for a number of things: for God’s mighty acts, for God’s majesty, for God’s wondrous works, for God’s awesome deeds, and for God’s abundant goodness and righteousness. He goes on to declare that God is gracious, and that God is merciful. The entire psalm is filled with praise for the myriad ways in which God cares for his people. It is a thing of beauty.

There is one line, however, that the psalmist repeats. In verses 13 and 17, he confirms that “[God] is kind in all his works.” God is a God who acts in the way he does because he is a God whose nature is one of kindness. From the beginning, our God has given of himself in order that people may experience his loving-kindness and his goodness. Our God has always been focused on everything that is best for us. He provides for us. He sustains us. He carries us when we suffer. He walks with us as we navigate life. He teaches us and he admonishes us. He moves us toward a better and better life. He assures us of an eternal future. He fulfills every single one of his promises to us. He is good, and he is mighty. He is gracious, and he is filled with goodness. He is merciful, and his works are wondrous. He is loving, and he is kind.

As we do every Sunday, we rejoice today that this great God has called us his people, and that he is our God. Enjoy him today.


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