God has set us free

So also in Christ shall all be made alive.

Life is certainly a precious gift. It is precious because we only get one chance at it. It is a gift because it is something that God has graciously and mercifully granted to us. As a result, it is nothing short of miraculous. God has intentionally created each of us. He has carefully and lovingly crafted us to be exactly who he wants us to be. It boggles the mind when we consider the complexities of human existence, realizing that God has perfect command and perfect understanding of every aspect of our lives. Again, it is nothing short of miraculous.

While God has created us with specific intent, he has also instilled in us the ability to make our own decisions. God has not preprogrammed us to act toward him in a certain way. Rather, he allows us to choose for ourselves who it is that we will serve. He has never forced his creation to follow him. On the contrary, God has set us free to decide on our own if we will be his people or not.

Scripture—and human experience— makes it clear that the only true life is a life that is lived in Christ. With Christ, life can still be full and complete, regardless what we may face in our world. Without Christ, however, there is only existence. It is only through Christ and in Christ that people can truly be made alive.

We have come together to worship our great God today. Let us all focus our hearts and minds on what Christ has done for us, and let us celebrate.


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