From the Beginning

In 1998, the late Paul Allen (of Microsoft fame)
purchased Charter Communications for $2.5
billion. Late the next year, after merging Charter
with another company he owned (Marcus Cable),
Allen took the company public. The initial share
price for Charter was $19. On the first day of
trading, the stock jumped 31%. Today, September
28, 2022, the price is already up $12 dollars to
$319 per share (it is around 10:30am right now). It
is safe to say that, financially speaking, it was
good to get in at the ground level. There is
something special about being there from the
Many of you have heard me share that I was
tremendously blessed to be present in the delivery
room for the births of our boys. There are things in
my past—as there are for everyone—that are
hazy; things that are difficult to remember. Those
three events, however, I will never forget. At 10:18
on a Sunday night in March of 1997, at
12:48am—also on Sunday—in September of
1999, and at 4:04am on a Saturday in December
of 2001. Those precious moments are forever
catalogued in my mind, and I would not trade
them for the world. There is something special
about being there from the beginning.
What would it have been like to be the
proverbial “fly on the wall” during the week of
creation? Can you imagine? It would be
unbelievable and awe-inspiring, I believe. It also
would be terrifying. Think about the scene: there
is nothing except the presence of God, with the
Spirit hovering over the waters. Then God speaks,
and brilliant light fills the void. As God continues to
speak, the universe and its inhabitants appear—
animal, vegetable, and mineral. Finally, God calls
forth his most complex creation. He speaks
humanity into existence. What a sight that would
have been! There is something special about
being there from the beginning.

John opens his gospel by inviting us to
recall prehistory. In a clear reference to
Genesis 1, the evangelist writes of the eternal
nature of the Son of God (in fact, a quick
comparison of the Greek NT and the Greek OT
[the Septuagint] reveals that John used the
exact same introductory phrase as did Moses
in Gen 1:1—translated the same in English in
both places as well, “In the beginning…”). John
insists not only that the Son—the Word—has
always been, but that the Son was “with God”
in the beginning, and that the Son “was God.”
But he goes beyond that in order to let us
know something else about the Son. He writes
that the Son was a pivotal part of creation.
John informs his readers that everything was
made through the Son—the Son therefore was
the conduit of creation. John further
emphasizes this by writing, “And without him
not anything was made that was made.” If it
exists, it is because of the Son, the Word.
Everything created is because of him. Wow.
Just wow. Again, what an unspeakable,
indescribable experience it would have been to
witness. There is something special about
being there from the beginning.
I do not understand all the ins and outs of
how this occurred. That is, I have no real grasp
on how the Son did what he did during
creation. What I do know, however, is that it is
this same Son that we are called to follow. It is
this Word who became flesh that we are to
imitate. John summons us to remember that
this Son, this Word, this Jesus is from the
beginning. –Ricky

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