For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

Time is a constant in our lives. We live with it every day. We live under its pressure every day. It is impossible for us to escape. We quite literally are born into it, so much so that it even defines our entry into the world (for example, I was born at 6:55am on a Monday many years ago; my boys at 10:18pm, 12:48am, and 4:04am, respectively. All weekend babies. Two Sundays and a Saturday.). Human beings have always lived in a time-constrained, time-ordered world. From the moment God established the day/night cycle, the world has been on the clock. It is part and parcel of who we are. Whether committed believers or atheists, none can deny time’s existence and its effects. Of course, some of us are more time conscious than others (no names, please . . . ). Yet, none escapes its indelible march. Until the Lord returns, the clock will continue. And, in a very real way, we are beholden to it (and notice prior to this sentence and throughout the remainder of this article how many “time-related” words are used, and most used subconsciously!).

Most have probably heard talk of a “biological clock.” Though often used in reference to child bearing, I am convinced that each of us definitely has some sort of “biological clock.” In this life, our bodies and minds become accustomed to a schedule—to being in certain places and/or doing certain things at certain times. When this schedule is interrupted for any reason, it can easily lead to frustration and bewilderment. It can lead to confusion.

Knowing for sure that I am nowhere near alone in this, I have noticed something: not being able to meet physically at the building for worship and classes has thrown off my clock. It is becoming difficult at times to remember even what day it is! When we are a people who are committed to the Lord and to the body that is united in Christ, it makes perfect sense that any break in our corporate gatherings will have an effect on us. I take this as a good sign for us, that is, that we are so familiar with a regular attendance and worship schedule that our personal “clock” very soon notices any changes to that schedule.

As the old saw goes, “this, too, shall pass.” But in the interim, there is a (potentially strange-sounding) prayer that I will be praying for each of us—that all of our biological clocks will be out of whack, because our hearts and minds so very much want to be physically present with our brothers and sisters in Christ.


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