Whether in our neighborhood or somewhere else nearby, my family and I have had many opportunities over the years to watch as goslings make their way in their new world. It brings great joy to observe them as they follow the goose (for what it’s worth, the gander brings up the rear). By following like this, they learn how to do what they need to do to survive and to thrive as geese. That is, they learn what is good to do. They learn how and where they should walk. They learn how to take in what is healthy for them. They watch and they imitate. Before too long, they become well practiced at what they need to be and do—in other words, they become mature.

The same is true for those to whom Christ has said, “Follow me.” By following Christ, we learn how to survive and to thrive as disciples. We learn what is good to do. We learn how to walk and where to walk. We learn to take in healthy spiritual nourishment. We watch and we imitate. Before too long, we become well practiced with Christ and his ways—in other words, we become mature.

Today we begin a yearlong series of sermons in which we will go through the four Gospels and observe closely what it means when Jesus says, “Follow me.”                                                                                                       



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