Eyes and Ears

I remember that I had just turned 41
when an optometrist first informed me that I
was going to need “full-time” vision
correction. Personally, I believe it is a funny
story. It goes something like this: after
completing the exam and determining the
results, she asked me a series of questions
(by the way, she was a very young
optometrist). When she got to the “how old
are you, Mr. Gray” question, I answered,
“41.” It was then that she looked up from her
clipboard for the first time, giving me this
knowing (affirming?) nod. I am convinced
that she was telling me with that response
that my age explained everything about my
deteriorating eyesight.
We like to be able to see, and we like
to be able to hear. Whether because of age
or some other reason, for some of us those
two senses are not what we would like them
to be—or simply not what they used to be. It
comes with age, I know, and it also comes
with living life. Many things can affect those
Spiritually speaking, however, we
have the opportunity—regardless of any
physical malfunctions—to see and to hear.
What I mean is this: when our faith is in
Jesus and his word, we become people who
see and hear. We become disciples whose
eyes and ears are opened. We become
people who are led by the Spirit to
understand. We become folks who gratefully
and confidently live out the invitation that
Jesus has offered, “Follow me.”

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