One Day Camp at Camp Woodland!

Hello campers new and old! We are hosting a one-day camp at Woodland Camp (yes, the usual place!) on Sunday, September 27, 2020. It will be an afternoon filled with indoor and outdoor activities, such as swimming, field activities, gym activities, zip line (13 and up), and more. Please plan to be there. Note the following important information:

  • As in the past, camp is for kids 8-18 years of age.
  • Everyone who attends must sign up in advance—there will be no on-site signups.
  • Everyone who attends must also plan to attend the 9am service on September 27. We will leave immediately after the service in order to arrive in time for 11:30 lunch.
  • We will return to the West Metro building no later than 7:00pm on September 27.

 We hope to see you there! *************************************************************

2020 Day Camp Registration – September 27th


Woodland Christian Camp in Temple, GA

Fun, Friends, and Fellowship

Day camp will be hosted, staffed, and directed by West Metro Church of Christ, a non-profit organization. Youth ages of 8 – 18 are welcome to be campers, participating in a variety of activities in a Christian environment. The day camp will be held at Woodland Christian Camp in Temple, Georgia. Activities include swimming, paddle boating, gaga ball, canoeing, basketball, devotional time, and much more.

What to Bring/Wear

Please bring/wear athletic clothing, sunscreen, pool towel, bathing suit, water bottle, and a backpack to store all your belongings. Boys, in order to save time, please come wearing shorts you do not mind getting wet, or come wearing your swimsuit.

Dress Code

Shorts or skirts may not be shorter than mid-thigh. Shirts must be long enough to touch pants or shorts whether sitting, standing, or bending. No tank tops or spaghetti straps will be allowed. Camp Director is responsible for interpretation and enforcement of the dress code.

What Not to Bring

Portable video games, radios, tape/DVD players, TVs, cell phones, electronic devices of any kind, skateboards, roller blades, etc. Weapons, explosives, tobacco, and drugs are all strictly forbidden.


Camp is Sunday, September 27. Plan to attend the 9am service that morning as we will be leaving from the building by 10:45am. Lunch will be provided upon arrival. We will wrap up activities and begin loading up to head back to the church building at 5:30pm. We will return by 6:45pm that same evening.

Cost – $25 per person

*Price includes lunch and activities.

Checks can be made payable to West Metro Church of Christ


90 Woodland Camp Rd. Temple, GA 30179

(P) 770.562.3103  (F) 770.562.0067

On-site Participant Individual Release Form

We’re glad that you will be attending Woodland Christian Camp. You (“You” herein includes your minor child) have the opportunity to grow spiritually while enjoying a variety of program activities available to you. These available activities include, but are not limited to, archery, ropes course, climbing wall, swimming, and slip-n-slide. You acknowledge that participation in these activities involves risk to the participant (and to the participant’s parents or guardians, if the participant is a minor), and may result in various types of injury including, but not limited to, the following: sickness, exposure to infectious/communicable disease, bodily injury, death, emotional injury, personal injury, property damage, and financial damage. As you understand, these activities have inherent and unpredictable dangers that no amount of care, caution, instruction, or expertise can eliminate.

Upon recognition of the nature of the activities involved, their inherent risk, and for the opportunity to voluntarily participate in these activities, by signature below, you waive, release and discharge Woodland Christian Camp, Inc., and its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives, and agents from liability. You covenant with them that you will never institute any action at law or in equity for any personal injuries, or injuries to property, real or personal, caused by, or arising out of this trip. You further agree to indemnify and hold Woodland Christian Camp harmless against any and all costs, damages, and expenses which may be incurred by them as a result of any lawsuit you (or your agents) or any other might file against them or arising from your participation in activities at Woodland Christian Camp.

We may provide you with written guidelines and verbal instructions for participation in activities. While participating, you agree to follow such guidelines and instructions designed to minimize risk of harm.

You grant permission to medical personnel to order X-rays, routine tests, and treatment for your health, and in the event you are unable to assent during an emergency, you hereby give permission to the attending medical personnel to hospitalize, secure proper treatment and to order medical procedures and treatment as deemed necessary.

Photographs and/or video and sound recordings of you may be made during your time at Woodland Christian Camp. You authorize the use of such material by Woodland Christian Camp for its purposes.

We trust you will safely enjoy your time at Woodland Christian Camp and the activities in which you participate. Please attest to your agreement to the terms of the Release and Participation Agreement by signature below.

You also agree to abide by the rules, policies and regulations promulgated by Woodland Christian Camp, Inc. throughout your visit.

On-Site Participation Individual Release Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY










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