Mission Trip to Trujillo Meeting

It’s time to start planning for our summer trip to Trujillo. This summer our mission trip is scheduled for Monday, June 24, to Wednesday, July 3. We would like to have our first informational meeting on Wednesday evening February 6 at 6:00. If you are interested in or committed to making the trip but can’t be there, please let Jack Vanderpool or Larry Garmon know. We are limiting the group to 50 participants due to the constraints of transportation and necessary housing. Twenty-five positions have been reserved for West Metro. We already have projected commitments from 21 outside of West Metro (Baton Rouge, Clanton, Alabama, and Tennessee). The Kansas folks are not a part of the 50 positions. They plan to overlap our group during our last few days in Trujillo and complete any unfinished tasks we have started

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