Develop a desire to do God’s Will.

I desire to do your will, O God; your law is within my heart. 

There are times in our lives when we find it difficult to do the right thing. Sometimes this is because the circumstance is convoluted and complex. Sometimes we lack the knowledge, wisdom, or foresight to be able to make the right choice. At other times, we simply do not want to do the thing that we know is right. In fact, there are times when—for any number of reasons—we just want to do the opposite. Each of us surely has faced each of these scenarios in our lives—and likely we have done so many times over.

In the text above from Psalm 40, the psalmist is not simply writing about doing what is right. Is that important to the writer? Of course it is. Yet he goes far beyond simply deciding to do what is right. What he speaks of is developing a desire to do what God wants him to do. What he writes about is the power of the word of God to change our passions so that we long for that which God himself longs for. What he writes about is a change of heart. Because the law of God resides in his heart, his desires are being transformed to align with God’s own desires.

This is true in any heart—when the word of God lives inside of us, we will begin to experience a spiritual transformation that will affect every facet of our lives. We will begin to exhibit the love and power of God in every interaction we have in this world. We will undergo a sea change in the desires of our hearts as we express in word, deed, and thought the presence of God in our lives.



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