Clean Feet, Clouded Hearts

Moments before his arrest, as he reclined at
the table with the Twelve, Jesus expressed to
them that his purpose in that instant was more
than the simple sharing of a meal. The meal
was of supreme importance, of course. It was a
significant part of Passover. But this iteration of
the Passover meal was particularly meaningful,
because it established for all time a fellowship
among those who place their trust in Christ. It
was a commemorative and solemn meal that
would—after a few terrifyingly dark and
confusing days—become celebratory. Yet
beyond that meal—or, more accurately, in light
of it—Jesus greatly desired to demonstrate his
love for his disciples in a practical way. Thus, he
washed their feet. In that intimate act he
showed them what he had earnestly longed for
them to comprehend all along—that their
expressed, lived-out love for one another was
his righteous demand. Their imitation of Christ’s
love would be the very evidence to the world of
their faith and trust in him.
Love often is dismissed. It sometimes is
castigated. It frequently is scorned and
marginalized. This is true even when it is
genuine and sincere. Our world—just like the
world in Jesus’s day—spares little room for the
authentic love of God. Yet regardless of worldly
reactions to the love that people of Christ show
to others, we know that in Christ the love we
share is indestructible and invincible. It cannot
be moved. And not only can it not be moved, it
is in fact a concrete expression of the
righteousness that we have been granted in
Christ. Love does no wrong. It truly is the law in
all its fullness. Love also is our Spirit-led
demonstration of the presence of Christ in our

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