Christian life in the present, with its responsibilities and particular callings, is to be understood and shaped in relation to the final goal for which we have been made and redeemed—N. T. Wright

            Change happens. We see it everywhere in creation and in our lives. Seasons change, and so do we (hat tip to ‘The Guess Who’). As life continues, we age and change. This occurs externally (ugh) and internally. Everything is affected by change, for good or for ill. In large part, change drives who we are as well as the decisions we make. At the same time, ironically, who we are and the decisions we make can drive change.

            Jesus came and suffered and died and rose again so that people could return to God. In our acceptance of the salvation that Jesus has offered, we have entered into a covenant with God through Jesus. We have ‘signed’ a contract of commitment that says not only that we believe we can be different than what we were before we knew Jesus, but also that we pledge to change in order to become more like him.

            How’s that going? Since Jesus redeemed you, what has changed?


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