Call to me and I will answer you

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.

We are a fortunate people. We are a blessed people. That fortune and that blessing have nothing to do with chance, however. We are fortunate and we are blessed because we worship a God who has been intentional about pouring good things into the lives of those who follow him. It is no accident that we enjoy the great hope that we enjoy. It is a purposeful and planned act by God himself to ensure that we have ultimate security—that whatever comes our way we can be confident in what God is doing and what God will do for us. This has all been designed by God for the purpose of his glory, and for the purpose of reclaiming people to himself. His promises are good and perfect.

One of the many blessings we have is the ability to pray to our God with the assurance not only that he hears us, but also that he acts as a result of our prayers to him. Thus it is that our prayers to God about myriad things—family, illness, sin, world events, personal trials and struggles, spiritual growth and maturity, etc.— are brought before One who is keenly interested in our lives. He is intimately involved in the world. God has considered us to be people of eternal value, and so he responds accordingly to our pleas and petitions. This is something that cannot be measured—it is too deep and too awesome for us to grasp in its entirety.

Enjoy being in the presence of God and his family today. This, too, is an unfathomable blessing.


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