Blessed is the man who takes refuge in the Lord!

Oh taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

In my mind right now is an image of an apron-bedecked grandmother working feverishly and gleefully in her kitchen. She has so much going that the family scattered about the house enjoying one another wonders how grandma could possibly keep up with so many things at once. Yet not only is she able to do so, she is able to do so skillfully and with great joy.
As the wonderful aromas of the various dishes begin to fill the house, the family becomes more interested in the kitchen—especially the boys and men. As they reach to taste this or that dish, grandma playfully but firmly slaps away their searching hands. Occasionally, however, she specifically asks for someone to volunteer to taste one of her creations, seeking input as to its readiness and suitability. Naturally, she finds many volunteers for such a task. Like with so many of us who have probably had a similar experience, they find that what grandma has made tastes not only good, but very good. In our world we may even say it tastes divine.
David calls on the congregation to “taste” the LORD, in order to “see that the LORD is good.” It is God’s invitation to humanity to draw near to God so that we may know his goodness. God knows that when we come close with the faithful desire to know him and partake in him, we will find that he is very good. We will find that he “tastes” divine. God promises that coming close to him will bring us blessing and comfort and protection. He will claim us, and we will be his. Surely, the ones who take refuge in this great God are a blessed people.


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