Are You Ready

From Austin’s Desk

Throughout life I would imagine most, if not all,
of us have come across people in our lives that
look at a task such as a school assignment or a
work project with varying degrees of when they
will get the work done. In school I was generally
on top of my homework assignments and would
get them done the day I received them or well in
advance of the due date. However, for a test or
quiz I was guilty of waiting till the day of to begin
studying. And I know I’m not the only one like this.
The whole world is full of people who are
prepared and get their work done early (who are
ready for the due date or deadline) and those who
wait till the last minute.
Today, Mark 13 questions if we are ready or
not for what is to come. In what is known as the
Olivet Discourse, Jesus wraps up His teaching
ministry with the remainder of the book then
focused on the last week of His life. Jesus spoke
on some heavy topics, but this is not the true focal
point of this message. The focus, as noted
throughout the chapter, is on how ready we are
for the events that Jesus spoke about.
Today, Jesus, through the writing of Mark, will
challenge us to examine our lives and call us to
question if we are ready for what is to come
leading up the second coming. Today, Jesus lays
out what to expect. In Matthew 24, Jesus went
back to the flood and uses the people of the world
as an example of those who were not ready. And
as easy as it is to point to them and question how
they were not ready or prepared, they did not
have the knowledge we have of what is to come.
Jesus laid out for us, has told us to be ready, to
be prepared, to take heed, to stay aware.
So, are you ready?

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